Champagne is the bubbles of France

Champagne district is located in northeastern France. Usually the vintage is not given for Champagne, but some of the better producers make a "vintage" (vintage champagne) in certain years. Vintage are considered to be the better Champagnes, and they withstand and develop during storage far better than the regular "non-vintage" types.

What characterizes champagne?

Champagne is one light and exuberant sparkling wine , where both harvesting of grapes and the manufacturing process takes place in the Champagne district located in the northwestern part of France. In order to give the wine the lightly bubbling pearls, care is taken to add carbon dioxide so that the champagne gently vibrates on the tongue.

If we look back at the 18th century, champagne was often given a royal value. This was because it was primarily noble and high-ranking people who could get their hands on the distinguished drink.

Fortunately, this has changed, and has become a fixture at weddings, birthdays, and other eventful traditions.

Champagne vintage

There are many different types of champagne . That's why it's super important when choosing your bottle of bubbles that you consider which shades it has and how it's made. If the Champagne is for example made from the base wine "Vin Clair" is the designation for the base wine of champagne and is also called Non Vintage. If "Vin Clair" is made from a specific vintage, it is a Vintage Champagne. We have made a guide that explains all types of champagne to you, and includes, among other things, into the difference between blanc de blanc and vintage champagne.


The most common type of champagne on the market is called non-vintage champagne. This type of champagne is a mixture of different base wines from different vintages. In addition to the blend, a non-vintage champagne is characterized by the fact that the grapes are aged for 15 months. For that reason, this type of champagne also costs quite a bit less than a Vintage Champagne.


Vintage champagne, on the other hand, is made from grapes that come from the same harvest year and have aged for a minimum of 3 years. Although many Danes eventually drink champagne, Vintage Champagne is the most sought after among wine lovers. This is the basis for the fact that you can really taste the different nuances that a specific vintage gives. And as with any other wine, the vintage certainly has something to say. In the past few years, we have, among other things, experienced that the vintages 2002 and 2008 are incredibly in demand. For example, the shelves of many wine shops were lined for the acclaimed bottle of 2008 Bollinger Champagne La Grande Année.

Large selection of champagne brands

We have a gradually wide selection, but still with quality as our main objective.

We will not rank some better than others as each bottle has its tasty and unique character.

If you choose, for example, a Bollinger , it is clear that you are dealing with quality. This is a house that over the years has developed the perfect standard cuvée. Here both a rich, unique and complex taste is expressed. This is perfect when celebrating New Year's Eve, or a beautiful and joyful wedding.

Other popular brands, such as Möet & Chandon , Dom Pérignon and Krug , offer several interesting varieties, and are also sublime choices when, for example, you want to celebrate your birthday, graduation or a sunny evening on the terrace.

If you are in doubt about which champagne you should buy, you can read more about the individual products on their unique pages. We have also prepared a champagne guide , where we review all types of champagne.

We choose our range of champagne with care

At PremiumBottles, we take pride in choosing the right bottles for our selection. With a long history and experience in the import of sparkling wines , we believe we have arrived at the perfect range of products. This should give you the greatest enjoyment value when you choose to buy champagne through us. No matter what event you think is going to happen a good bottle of sparkling wine to, then we are guaranteed to have the perfect bottle for your taste.

Most frequently asked questions about champagne

What grapes are used to make champagne?

Although every house has their unique recipe used primarily Pinot Noir, Pinot Meunier and Chardonnay when making the golden and sparkling drink. In addition, the wineries often also add Pinot Blanc and Pinot Gris to bring complex flavors to the house bottles. As mentioned before, the champagne is produced in its own district, and therefore it gets a very special and characteristic taste... A taste of sun and green landscapes.

Which champagne is best?

As with all kinds of wine, the taste experience depends a lot on your own preferences. It is important to emphasize that the best champagne is the bottle that appeals best to your palate and goes best with what you eat. Although all campagne comes from the Champagne district , they are available in many different styles. Many champagnes also move to different places on the sweetness scale. So it is important to try it out and find the one you like best.

How much does a bottle of champagne cost?

You will find champagne included prices of everything between DKK 219 and DKK 13,000 . You do this because at Premiumbottles we make a virtue of meeting every budget and interest.

How much does a good champagne cost?

You can therefore enjoy good champagne for a few hundred kroner, but if you are interested in it and want to explore the market further, we of course also have a selection at a completely different price point. At Premiumbottles, we always have price and quality in mind, and especially when we select our bottles of champagne. At the same time, we also focus on offering a wide selection of champagne that covers different price ranges and taste nuances .

What is real champagne?

Real champagne is produced from grapes grown and harvested exclusively from fields in the Champagne district of France . In addition, the production process for real champagne is incredibly special, where the special and very famous 2-fermentation, which takes place in the bottle, characterizes real champagne.

How many glasses are there in a bottle of champagne?

As a general rule, in champagne, cava and sparkling wine , there are up to 7 glasses in 1 bottle. Since champagne is mostly served as an aperitif, you should count on serving 1-2 glasses per meal. guest. It is also important to store the champagne in the most appropriate way, as the champagne must not be served either too cold or too hot.