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Read all about the different types of champagne

Læs alt om de forskellige typer af champagne - PremiumBottles

When you first venture into the great world of champagne, you can almost be overwhelmed by the many different types of champagne that exist. It's actually fascinating how many different types of champagne you can find when you consider how relatively small an area in northeastern France it all comes from.

Therefore, below we will review which different types of champagne exist, what characterizes them and how they differ from each other.

Here are the different champagne types

When talking about champagne types, a distinction is made between six different varieties. We review them below. If you want to read more about sparkling wines in general, we have written this guide to sparkling wines .

Blanc de Blanc

Blanc de Blanc literally means white from white, and therefore it is perhaps no surprise that a Blanc de Blanc champagne is made from white grapes. Thus, Blanc de Blanc champagne is a champagne made from a pure Chardonnay grape. Thus, it will have many of the same good properties that a Chardonnay wine also has. That is why it is really good, among other things. as an aperitif due to the light and dry style.

If you're standing with a Blanc de Blanc champagne in your hand, you won't be in any doubt. The producers are very proud to be able to present Blanc de Blanc champagnes, as it is a high-quality type of champagne. Therefore, they will clearly show it on the label.

See our large selection of Blanc de Blanc champagne .

Blanc de Noirs

Blanc de Noirs are, as you might guess from the name, the counterpart to a Blanc de Blanc. It is a champagne type that is made exclusively from blue grapes. Here it will be the grapes Pinot Noir and/or Pinot Meunier that are used for the production.

Although it is made from blue grapes, it is never dark in colour, but more yellow or golden in colour. But because they are dark grapes, the champagne will be more powerful and therefore it goes well with things like mature and strong cheeses.

Rosé champagne

If you are looking for a very romantic type of champagne, rosé champagne is a perfect choice. This type of champagne can be made in two ways. The most traditional way to do it is by adding a bit of regular Pinot Noir to the base wine before the second fermentation.

The other way of doing it (the fermentation method or the skin contact method) works by pressing the grape skin itself so that it has brief contact with the grape must before fermentation, and that way the delicious pink color comes out.

See our large selection of Rosé champagne

Non Vintage champagne

This type of champagne accounts for almost 90% of the total champagne production. This is because Non Vintage champagne is cheaper to produce than Vintage champagne. It is, among other things, because this type of champagne is blended from several different vintages, instead of just one.

So if you come across a champagne bottle where no vintage is indicated, you have a Non Vintage champagne in your hand.

Champagne producers must set aside a minimum of 20% of their produced champagne every year so that it can later be used for Non Vintage champagne. This type of champagne will often consist of grapes from up to 80 different fields.

Vintage champagne

When we talk about Vintage champagne, it is a type of champagne where all the grapes used in the production must be from the same harvest year. With other wine regions, it is not the producer himself who decides when a vintage is vintage. But when it comes to champagne, it is actually the producer himself who controls which years are vintage.

This type of champagne must be stored for a minimum of three years before it is released to the market, but most often they store it for a full 6-7 years before release.

See our large selection of Vintage champagne

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