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What does brut champagne mean?

Hvad betyder brut champagne? - PremiumBottles

What does brut champagne mean?

Brut means that the champagne is dry and has a lower residual sugar content (dosage) than other types of champagne and sparkling wines. Brut champagne thus contains less than 12 grams of sugar per litres, which is the unit by which the dryness of a sparkling wine is calculated.

Besides brut, champagnes can also be brut zero (crunchy), extra brut (very dry), extra sec (sweeter than brut, but still dry), demi sec (semi-sweet), demi doux (sweet) and doux (very sweet) . If you want to read more about the different champagne types, you can read our large blog post on the subject.

Originally, champagne was actually almost always sweet, but today a great many champagnes are, on the other hand, brut. It is thus in this type of champagne that you find many of the best wines and vintages.

Large selection of delicious and exclusive brut champagnes

That is why we at PremiumBottles have prioritized having a huge selection of delicious and exclusive brut champagnes. In our wide selection you can find an incredible number of delicious brut champagnes, which are just waiting to be drunk.

In the selection, you can e.g. find brut champagne from major and recognized brands such as circle , Bollinger , Dom Perignon and Moët & Chandon .

No matter which brut champagne you choose, we dare to promise that you will not be disappointed. We attach great importance to proper quality, and never sell anything we wouldn't drink ourselves with great pleasure.

If you are looking for something other than brut champagne, we also have a lot of other things champagne to choose from.

What does brut champagne go well with?

There are many who exclusively drink champagne on New Year's Eve, when the town hall bells ring in the new year. And that's a bit of a shame if you ask us. Because brut champagne can easily be drunk for many other occasions.

On the one hand, it is fantastic as a welcome drink for festive events, where the dry champagne taste goes perfectly with many salty snacks such as chips, peanuts, salted almonds etc. Eq.

But in fact, brut champagne can also be paired excellently with many other foods that you could think of serving at the dinner table. Depending on which grapes the champagne is made from, it can go with everything from oysters to grilled chicken and mature cheeses. The only things you should definitely avoid pairing brut champagne with are sweet desserts and very spicy food.

You can read more about, what kind of food champagne goes well with here .

How to serve brut champagne with style

Brut champagne and other sparkling wines can easily spill over when opened. And although it may look festive, it's delicious drops that go to waste. That is why we have collected a few good tips below on how to open a brut champagne with style, but without wasting the precious drops.

  • Loosen the wire and leave it on the bottle
  • With a firm grip, grasp the plug with your left hand and keep your thumb on top of the plug
  • With your right hand, you then take hold of the bottom of the bottle, so that your palm is under the bottom of the bottle itself
  • Slowly turn the bottom of the bottle with your right hand while holding the stopper with your left hand and slowly loosen it
  • You should now have a perfectly opened bottle of brut champagne

Always remember that the bottle should never be shaken before opening. It may look festive, but usually ends up being a worse mess. Also, always make sure that your brut champagne is relatively chilled when it is to be served. Preferably around 6-7 degrees.

Buy brut champagne at PremiumBottles

Buy your brut champagne online at PremiumBottles if you want to be sure of super high quality champagne and fast delivery. With us, you can always be sure of the best of the best, and this also applies to our customer service. Therefore, it is also pleasing to see that our Trust pilot has a rating of 5/5 stars.

Dialogue with our customers is important to us. We are therefore open for our customer service on tel. 217 217 03, all weekdays at 10:00-17:00, as well as on our customer service email: .

This helps ensure a smooth transaction for you as a customer. We are very interested in hearing from you if you have any product wishes or other good ideas. Even if you don't find your favorite product in our shop, in most cases we can bring it home.

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