The lively, punchy CA BLAZE cocktail nods to the speed and precision of the artist's footwork. An effervescent cocktail with floral, spicy accents, it showcases the rich flavor of Hennessy Very Special, offset by notes of vanilla and elderflower, which has a lychee-like tinge. For Larry, these aromas resonated with childhood memories. Topped with Gingerbeer , this drink has both kick and fizz, while lime juice contrasts sweetness with a bright, fresh finish.


30 ml / 1 oz Hennessy Very Special

15 ml / 1⁄2 oz vanilla syrup

12ml/0.4oz elderflower liqueur

25 ml / 0.8 oz lime juice

40 ml / 1.3 oz Ginger Beer

Lime wedge


Step 1: Combine all liquids in a shaker, except Gingerbeer, and shake it.

Step 2: Fill a glass with ice cubes and strain into a tumbler.

Step 3: Top with Gingerbeer.

Step 4: Garnish with lime wedge.


Tags: Hennessy