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TEST: Here is the best vodka in 2020

TEST: Her er den bedste vodka i 2020 - PremiumBottles

Leave the fashionable gin on the bar table for an evening and make a Vodka Martini instead . Yes - you read that right. Of course, the drink, which had star status in the 80s and 90s, has not received much attention in recent years. Probably because vodka has been misunderstood for a while - relegated to being a tasteless mixing agent. But the truth is that there is a sea of ​​distinctive and luxurious vodkas. Even on the cocktail menus of some of the world's best bars.

The flavored vodka

What do we mean by a flavored vodka, you might ask yourself. Yes, now you have to listen. If you thought vodka's role was to sit in the background as a "neutral" component in your drink, you'd be wrong. Vodka can vary greatly depending on its origin, what the vodka is made from, whether a mild flavor has been added, whether it is filtered, what kind of water is used and much more.

In our range we have vodka that doesn't just taste like anything, but has texture and body. From the creamy and sweet to the spicy and spicy, we are looking for vodka with class and character. And as always, we seek balance. A vodka can be wild and complex as long as it makes sense in its entirety. Many of our products come into their own best if they are sipped "on the rocks", while other of our vodkas go best with mixing.

3 of our vodka favourites

Gray Goose

Sweet, smooth, and almost nutty - the familiar French goose earns its place on our list for its creamy and rounded taste. Serve it with bubbles at e.g. mixing elderflower liqueur, fresh lime juice and soda with the golden drops. It's a sure winner. Our ultra premium vodka Gray Goose VX 40% contains 5% cognac, which is enough to give the fantastic cognac taste and aroma without edging out the vodka experience too far. This vodka is produced in limited quantities and is extremely rare in Denmark. We therefore recommend that you order quickly if you want to get your hands on this luxury vodka before it's too late.


Beluga Vodka 70 cl. is an extremely tasty Russian vodka, made with water drawn from the Siberian bedrock. Then triple filtered and after production "rested" for 30 days, which gives the soft and delicate taste. Light but flavorful with hints of honey and vanilla. A clear favorite brand which, in addition to its classic bottles, has just produced the Beluga Celebration Limited Edition on the occasion of the distillery's 115th birthday. Coated in gold lacquer, the bottle is beautiful, unique and extravagant, just the way we like it.

Crystal Head Vodka

The last vodka that has won a place on our favorite list is the beautiful Crystal Head Vodka . And it's actually not just us who love it. In addition to our award, Crystal Head Vodka has won countless competitions. Made in Canada, distilled 4 times and filtered 7 times through 500 million year old crystals, this vodka is 'one of a kind'. And so is their Limited Edition Crystal Head Aurora ! Aurora is, in contrast to the classic vodka, exclusively produced from grain. It gives a slightly more challenging and rich taste, together with a good portion of sweetness.

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