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The summer's most delicious drinks with gin

Sommerens lækreste drinks med gin - PremiumBottles

Summer 2020 must be celebrated with gin.

Although the season will be different for many this year, this does not mean that you cannot enjoy the good Danish weather in the garden, in the summer house or on the windowsill.

And when we start gathering and enjoying each other's company, it can be celebrated with fresh and mouth-watering drinks.

At PremiumBottles, we have therefore selected the best gin and gin drinks, which can be enjoyed wherever you are in the world. And maybe send the mind on to the warmer climes?

Which gin should you choose for your cocktail or drink?

The right gin makes a difference - both when it is to be enjoyed on its own or mixed into a refreshing cocktail.

At PremiumBottles, we have tasted a wide range of gin in order to deliver the absolute best to our customers. Everything you find on the site has been carefully selected to ensure the best quality and taste experience.

Of course, we also have some personal favourites.

Malfy Gin

malfy gin lemon

Malfy Gin has in a short time become one of the world's most popular gin brands.

The distillery uses Italian botanicals, which gives the gin a rich and fresh taste of whatever fruit they have chosen to distill the individual gin with. This makes Malfy Gin one of the most flavorful gins on the market.

They are ideal for drinks and cocktails, because the individual variations have already drawn scents and flavors from, among other things, lemons, blood oranges and pink grapes.

Monkey 47 Dry Gin

monkey 47

Monkey 47 Dry Gin is a dry gin with over 47 different flavor and aroma-giving ingredients.

It gives a unique impression, which is only enhanced by the time-consuming storage process.

After the distillate has absorbed flavor and aroma, it is stored in a stoneware cylinder buried in the ground. It gives a gin which has a wonderful balance and is particularly suitable for cocktails and drinks.

LE Tribute Gin

le tribute

LE Tribute Gin is a newer gin from the Spanish Destilerías MG.

The gin has notes of lime, orange peel, lemon and juniper, making it a unique gin that combines both new waves in the gin market with the traditional virtues that come from being a distillery passed down over four generations .

Recipes and inspiration for gin drinks

Gin Hass


  • 4 cl gin (we recommend Malfy Gin Lemone)
  • 2 cl fruit syrup
  • 1 lime
  • Ice cubes
  • Possibly. fresh mint

Gin Hass has over the past few years won a large audience in Denmark. And it is actually also a Danish invention. The Danish bartender Kim Hass invented the drink while working in the Funen nightlife.

Gin Hass is juicy and mouth-watering - perfect for late summer evenings or as a refresher after a midday nap in the sun.

Gin & Tonic Aromatic Vanilla


  • 5 cl. Monkey 47 Gin
  • Approx. 10 cl. Fever-tree Aromatic tonic
  • 5-10 dried juniper berries
  • A halved vanilla pod
  • Ice cubes

Gin and Tonic is, as we have mentioned before , one of the great classics among cocktails.

The well-known "5 O'Clock" gin drink has been widely loved among both office and working people who have needed a light refreshment before dinner - but after a busy working day.

Gin & Tonic can be enjoyed all year round, but hot summer days and afternoon sun are especially inviting for the mouth-watering and fresh cocktail.

If you would like to spice up your Gin & Tonic a little, you can get inspiration from our many Gin & Tonic recipes .

Gin glasses and other bar equipment

Have you selected your gin and all the ingredients ready in the fridge - but miss a proper gin glass and a good shaker?

Then you can find it among our large range of bar equipment . At Premium Bottles, we have the crème de la crème of delicious glass sets and useful tools for your bar cabinet.

For gin, we naturally recommend the classic gin glasses , but the slim highball glasses are ideal for the more fruity cocktails. The pleasure of drinks and cocktails is that they give you a flashy visual experience, as well as a great taste.
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