Unlike many other spirits such as cognac, tequila, bourbon whiskey etc., there are no universal rules that require how rum must be distilled - or in which area and countries it must take place. Therefore, you can enjoy the highest quality rum from many different parts of the world. Nevertheless, it is the Caribbean, as well as the Central and South American rums that most rum enthusiasts swear by. Here at PremiumBottles, you can explore our wide range of high-quality rums from the Caribbean, Central America and South America. You will find well-known brands such as Bacardi, Diplomatico and Deadhead Monkey. If you can't find your favorite room on this page, we often have the option of ordering it home. So don't hesitate to contact us.


Many consider rum to be the oldest commercial spirit, and therefore it has also been an export product for many hundreds of years. Rum has not only had a huge influence on the spirits market - but also culturally and economically, for better or for worse, rum has played a big role.

Rome traces its roots all the way back to the end of the 15th century, when the world-famous explorer, Christopher Columbus, sailed around with his crew consisting of, among other things, farmers. At several of their many stops, including the Canary Islands, they planted sugar cane and started sugar production - but with the help of African slaves. Here, several of the crew members experimented with fermenting the sugar cane juice, which was the precursor to the rum we know today.

But the first actual distillery for rum did not see the light of day until approx. 150 years later in Barbados, where they started using sugar cane molasses for spirits. The plantation owners saw great potential in this new form of spirit, and therefore production was quickly scaled up. However, it took quite a few years before the finer bourgeoisie opened their eyes to the delicate taste of rum, which is why rum was mainly drunk by slaves and peasants to begin with. But in the 18th century - and especially in the 19th century - the finer bourgeoisie in North America and England etc. also got interest in the newer spirits.


For the production of rum, sugarcane molasses is one of the key basic ingredients. Sugar cane molasses is also simply called molasses, and has a thick, sugary consistency. In other words, it is the residual product that remains after the sugarcane juice has been processed and extracted. When the sugarcane is harvested, it is crushed and all the remaining juice is collected, after which it is all heated up. The mass that is left after heating is precisely called molasses. The molasses is then slowly diluted, where yeast is added little by little so that the sugar is converted into alcohol. The liquid is distilled and the water is diluted until the desired alcohol percentage is achieved - finally the liquid is placed in a dish.


Are you looking for a good rum? It is an individual matter what is the best rum for you, and of course we all have different preferences. But we ourselves think, in all modesty, that in our selection you will find some of the best rum on the market. Take e.g. our Diplomatico Ambassador Selection , which is one of Diplomatico's flagships. This is an exclusive rum from 2011, which is only imported approx. 600-1000 of per year to Denmark. This makes this rum a relatively rare pleasure - and with its pleasant aroma of e.g. spices, vanilla and sugar cane syrup, you get an incredibly delightful taste experience.

Or how about ours Isfjord Premium Arctic rum, which is distilled on the former Danish-West Indian island of Saint Croix. Precisely on Saint Croix, some of the world's best rums have been produced over the years - and this rum also hits the mark in that light. As the name suggests, Isfjord water is used, and this combination between the Caribbean and Greenland has resulted in this excellent rum.

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