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The guide to the ultimate bar equipment

Guiden til det ultimative barudstyr - PremiumBottles

Your bar equipment is an important ingredient

At PremiumBottles you will find everything you need - both in the drink, but also to make it - in true bartender fashion. Our bar equipment is for those who demand quality and functionality. We have selected our range from some of the world's leading manufacturers. You can therefore be sure to enjoy the equipment for a long time, even with daily use.

Champagne fizz for happy moments with Moët & Chandon

If you are into aristocratic luxury and opulence, champagne is the obvious choice for your wine cabinet.

And with admirers such as Napoleon and Madame de Pompadour, Moët & Chandon champagne is among the most loved.

Their bubbly champagne should make you want to add sabers and crystal glasses to your bar equipment. But their wonderful and fruity champagne can easily be enjoyed without it. However, you could hardly miss the pomp and pageantry.

Moët & Chandon is the winery that introduced champagne to the rest of the world. Founded by Claude Moët, it was only his grandson, Jean-Remy Moët, who in the 170s really made champagne the drink that is synonymous with sophistication, celebration and extravagance.

Their champagne has a distinct and mature taste, thanks to the traditional and time-consuming fermentation process. Every single stage of production is imbued with expertise, from the people who grow the grapes to the oenologists who refine the process using everything from microbiology to the practical knowledge passed down since 1743.

Brut Impérial , Möet & Chandon's flagship champagne, owes its name to Napoleon Bonaparte, who was a frequent visitor to their vineyard in Épernay. Rumor has it that it was his troops who invented the tradition of opening champagne with their sabers.

If you are going to open champagne with a saber, we recommend that you either do it outside – or on a floor that can withstand a bit of everything. It is also best if you let the champagne flow a little, so that you avoid glass shards in your champagne glasses.

moet chandon

Veuve Clicquot – party in the company of the Yellow Widow

If you are looking for a champagne that balances power and freshness, Veuve Clicquot is also an excellent choice.

When it comes to bar equipment at Veuve Clicquot, all that is required is a good champagne glass. This helps to retain its aroma and prevent the carbonation from disappearing too quickly.

Veuve Clicquot is best known for its champagne, the Yellow Widow. It got its name partly because of the characteristic yellow color of the label. It was originally founded in 1772 by Phillippe Clicquot, but only had its heyday when it was taken over by his son's widow, Madame Clicquot Ponsardin.

She helped revolutionize champagne with a manufacturing process called remuage , where the champagne bottle, after the aging process, is turned upside down at an angle of 75 degrees. After that, the bottle is turned a ⅛ part round every day. It helps to force the dead yeast cells down into the neck of the bottle, where they are then removed. This ensures a fresh and lively taste.

Den Gule Enke is particularly known for being made from ⅔ parts red grapes and one third white chardonnay grapes. The grapes are collected from several different fields, which is why the mixing ratio can change from year to year depending on the harvest.

veuve clicquot

Gin and Tonic with a twist

Gin, which is a contraction of the French word for juniper, genièvre, is today the most popular spirit in our country. And over the past 10 years, a boom in the selection of gin has fueled the development of new varieties of another product – tonic water. Because can you almost say gin without saying tonic?

A favorite at PremiumBottles are the beautiful, colored bottles from Fever-Tree .

Lemon Tonic is Fever-Tree's answer to the classic bitter lemon mixer, but you can also give your classic Gin and Tonic a summery twist with Elderflower Tonic Water. Also replace the lemon slice with cucumber or lime, if not licorice root, pepper or other exciting spice. Your Gin and Tonic is herewith refined to perfection.

Gin without tonic?

There is no doubt that Gin and tonic has become popular and has driven the category forward in recent years, but a number of gins made to be enjoyed alone have also seen the light of day.

A classic like Monkey 47 can be enjoyed with tonic, in cocktails, Martinis or Gimlets. But also try to taste this class of Gin neat. The aroma and taste have clear antecedents of juniper berries, crisp citrus oils, sweet flowers, pepper and other dark spice notes. You will not be disappointed.

MALFY GIN has become one of the trendiest gins in record time. With this you can choose between 4 exciting variants: Lemon, Original, Blood orange and Grapefruit/Rhubarb.

Our favorite is MALFY GIN ROSA . The Sicilian pink grape gives MALFY ROSA its fine color and not least the intense taste of fresh grapefruit. Undertones of coriander, licorice root, horseradish and violet root help make MALFY ROSA even more delicate.

malfy gin pink

Bowl in pink Champagne

Champagne belongs when we celebrate. Champagne is luxury. Champagne is toast!

Armand De Brignac is one of the most beautiful, most exclusive champagnes you can find. Armand De Brignac uses only the juice from the first pressing and only the best wine from each harvest for the production of the champagne. This combination of - yes - the best - results in a completely unique taste, with clear hints of strawberry and blackcurrant. You will not be disappointed.

Vodka for adults

If it is time to take the party a step further, the vodka should be on the table. And it can come in many different designs. At PremiumBottles, we like to let the very best vodkas speak for themselves. Belvedere Vodka Unfiltered Diamond Rye is a vodka far beyond the usual and it is well suited as it is - "on the rocks".

It is distilled 4 times and then left unfiltered to increase the expression of the rye. It is therefore rich and silky smooth, and the taste has a hint of salted caramel, vanilla and honey. Add a slice of lemon, a green olive or a sprig of rosemary and your 'Unfiltered on the Rocks' is in the house.

Today, Belvedere's distinct character and uncompromising integrity are recognized worldwide by enthusiasts who appreciate the vodka's natural and additive-free character. In 2016, Belvedere vodka took a step in the charitable direction and created a Limited Edition with Esther Mahlangu's art printed on the bottle together with the legend's signature. With this vodka, 50% of the profits go to The Global Fund, which fights HIV/AIDS in Africa.

If you need a vodka that really packs a punch, you might want to take a look at some of our vodka bottles with LED lights. Ciroc Vodka LED e.g. characterized by its elegant, heavy bottle - and then it can glow in the dark. The vodka has an alcohol percentage of 40%, which corresponds to approximately 18 to 20 items. If you are interested in reading more about alcohol levels, you can see this guide to what a high alcohol level is , as well as how many items are in a bottle of wine.

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