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Diplomatico Rome

Diplomatico is internationally recognized as one of the best room from South America. It is produced at Destillerieas Unidas (DUSA), which has been producing high-quality spirits for more than 53 years and has 7 stills (3 pot stills and 4 column stills).


Diplomatico has won over 54 medals at international competitions such as SIP Awards, San Francisco World Spirits , Miami Rum XP, Monde Selection etc.  In 2011, the Master Blender achieved mr. Tito Cordero great recognition when he was named the world's best master blender as the first Venezuelan ever.  The flagship of Diplomatico is their Diplomatico Reserve Exclusiva , which is a blend exclusively of rum distilled in pot stills and stored for up to 12 years. Reserve The Exclusiva is a splendid example of all that Diplomatico has to offer; characteristic round sweetness, fruity notes and a high intensity in the flavor profile.   


The distillery behind Diplomatico was established in 1959 at the foot of the Andes in an area with lots of sugar plantations in beautiful northwestern Venezuela. It was a group of Venezuelan distributors and producers who first came together to found the LUSA distillery ( Licorerias Unidas SA) jointly with Canadian Seagram . However, the rum was initially only sold on the Venezuelan market. Almost half a century later in 2002, the LUSA distillery was put up for sale and bought by a group of Venezuelan entrepreneurs and businessmen who saw huge potential in selling the rum to the rest of the world. In connection with the acquisition, the distillery became 100 percent privately owned, just as the distillery got its current name: Destilerias Unidas SA (DUSA). Diplomatico rum is today sold in more than 80 countries all over the world - and we are, among other things, proud dealers here at PremiumBottles .   

Don Juan Meléndez is the man who graces Diplomatico's labels and bottles. He lived in the area where the DUSA distillery is located today, and he was said to be a charismatic and adventurous nobleman, who was also the source of inspiration for the creation of Diplomatico . Don Juan Meléndez was a well-liked and likable man whose values ​​and passion for good rum is still an integral part of Diplomatico .     


As already mentioned, the Diplomaticos DUSA distillery is located in scenic surroundings near the Andes. The very special thing about this area is that the conditions are perfect for growing sugar cane - and thus also for the production of rum. In terms of weather and climate, the conditions are optimal, as the tropical climate at the equator ensures an average temperature during the day of 25-30 degrees, while the temperature drops to 6-7 degrees at night. The large temperature contrast – combined with the high humidity – helps the sugarcane to grow faster, just as the sugarcane gets a higher concentration of sugar.   

The DUSA distillery has five 100 meter deep wells attached, where the purest water is brought up from groundwater reservoirs. The water from the underground has a naturally low content of minerals, which makes the subsequent fermentation process and distillation easier.   


At the DUSA distillery, up to 10 varieties of sugar cane are used to make Diplomatico rum. But the following three varieties are used most frequently: Canal Point, Venezuela and Romana. Sugar cane molasses and honey from the sugar cane are used for the production. Sugar cane molasses, or simply molasses, is generally one of the basic ingredients for making most rums – this also applies to Diplomatico rum. Molasses is the sugary product that remains after all the juice from the sugar cane has been extracted and processed, producing a thick, brownish, runny consistency.   

At the DUSA distillery, they grow their own strain of yeast, which converts the sugar into alcohol. Diplomatico's lighter rum, which is made from sugar cane molasses, has a relatively short fermentation process of approx. one day, while more complex rums based on sugar cane honey have a slightly longer fermentation process of two days.   

The rum is distilled using several complex methods while the alcohol is heated so that some of the raw alcohol evaporates and condenses. In this way, the alcohol is purified, and the individual rum achieves its very special aroma and character. Diplomatico rum is aged i.a. in former bourbon and malt whiskey barrels for up to 12 years.    


Here at PremiumBottles you will find a wide and exciting selection of Diplomatico rum. You will find i.a. the exclusive Diplomatico Single Vintage 2005 in a noble gift box. There are only a few of this world-famous vintage rum left in Denmark, and therefore it is a sought-after rum with a perfectly rounded viscosity. Diplomatico Single Vintage 2005 has a sweet scent of dried fruit and small notes of chocolate and vanilla .   

Diplomaticos flagship is, as I said, theirs Diplomatico Reserve Exclusive . At PremiumBottles you will find i.a. Diplomatico Reserve Exclusive gift set of two origin ale old fashioned glass . This rum is blended from 80 percent dark and 20 percent light rum, respectively, while it has been aged for 12 years. The rum is sweetened with sugarcane honey, and has small notes of cinnamon and caramel, giving it a sweet and perfectly balanced taste.   

If you have any questions about our Diplomatico rum, you are more than welcome to contact us on tel : 217 217 03 or send us an email at: .  

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