It is not only on the Champagne front that great things are happening. Diplomático will indeed release their Single Vintage Rum 2007 on 1 October 2021. A rum that has been long awaited, for committed rum enthusiasts, and with the great demand and interest that was in the predecessor, Single Vintage 2005, there will be a guaranteed rift about the supply of the 2007.
Diplomático Single Vintage is made from very special rum casks, which are extraordinary ripened, they are selected by their Maestros Roneros. i.e. their rum expert. After which the extraordinary casks will be assembled into vintage batches, which are rums distilled from the same year and aged for 12 years mainly in ex-bourbon and single malt whiskey casks. To give the rum its fantastic finish and personality as we know it from Diplomático, they are aged for an extra year in fine Oloroso sherry casks.
What also helps to make Diplomático's Single Vintage editions extra worthy of criticism is that they are not published every year. Only when Diplomáticos Maestros Roneros believe they have found casks worthy of such a release - a rum with ultimate heart and personality.
" With a dark amber color, the 2007 Single Vintage opens with harmonious notes of ripe red fruits accompanied by aromas of vanilla, spices and chocolate, providing a delicate and subtle aromatic balance "
" Sweet notes of ripe fruit, wood, chocolate and coffee are perceived on the palate, adding a complex roundness and smoothness leading to a long-lasting and velvety finish ".
This is how Maestro Ronero, Nelson Hernandez, explains the flavor profile of Diplomáticos Single Vintage 2007.
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