Champagne glasses for any celebration

Champagne glasses are self-written for New Year's and festive occasions - and preferably the fine kind. Above you can see our careful selection of champagne glasses from the two most recognized brands in this country, namely Lehmann and Frederik Bagger. A champagne glass is a stemware designed for champagne and others sparkling wines . The two most common shapes are flute and coupe. Both types of glasses were produced with the aim of holding the glass by the stem to prevent heating of the drink. Champagne can also be drunk from a normal wine glass, which gives a better understanding of the taste at the expense of emphasizing the bubbles less.

Frederik Bagger champagne glass

With us you will find a large selection of environmentally friendly champagne glasses from Frederik Baggers. Normally when crystal glass is produced, lead is added to the glass mass, which helps to give the glass its classic clarity. However, the problem with lead is that it contaminates the groundwater and the soil. If you consume excessively large amounts of lead via food and drinking water, it has been shown to have a harmful effect on the body. Frederik Bagger works with Crystaline glass mass, which is an environmentally friendly mass without harmful additives, which at the same time maintains the iconic beautiful clarity. In addition, all their boxes are reusable and can be sorted in the recycling container.

Lehmann champagne glass

Some glassmakers use lasers to etch a small crown of spots at the bottom of the glass, creating the starting point that forces the bubbles to form and rise in a certain way. This can be done more naturally by using a continuous design of the bottom of the glass. One of the defining characteristics of a Jamesse Lehmann champagne tulip is its pointed base, perfectly designed to promote a long and distinct effervescence and give the champagne the freedom to produce a natural pearl. The Jamesse Lehmann collection is handcrafted, in both vintage and non-vintage styles. There is also a machine-made collection for more hospitality use. Within the collection, there are different types of tulip glasses for different styles of champagne. Lehmann Jamesse Grand Champagne 45 and Lehmann Jamesse Premium 28.5 are both excellent all-rounders, while Lehmann Jamesse Prestige Synergie 75 and Lehmann Jamesse Grand Champagne 41 are both ideal for vintage champagne and rosé champagne .

August 03, 2022 — Rasmus Hilstrøm Bach-Lauritsen