Moet & Chandon Ice Imperial is this summer's most delicate and stylish champagne. It is the world's first champagne created specifically to be enjoyed with ice. In terms of taste, it appears fruity with a touch of strawberry, raspberry and gooseberry and a sweetness of caramel. Moet & Chandon Ice Imperial has a fantastic bouquet (fragrance) of tropical fruits such as mango and guava and juicy summer fruits such as nectarine, raspberry and gooseberry.

  • Chill a bottle of Moët Ice Impérial to 7-8 C.
  • Choose a large wine glass.
  • Pour 12 cl. by Moët Ice Imperial.
  • Add 3 ice cubes.
  • Decorate with your favorite fruit
October 14, 2017 — Rasmus Hilstrøm Bach-Lauritsen
Tags: Moët ICE