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At PremiumBottles you can explore our wide range of spirits. We have something for every taste, which is why you will find e.g. vodka, tequila, cognac, whiskey, akvavit and much more on this site. Spirits belong to the term for alcoholic beverages which are produced by distilling vegetables, grains, fruits or the like after the ingredients have undergone a fermentation process. During the distillation process itself, unwanted elements of the remaining liquid are diluted, so that the alcohol content of the spirit is increased to the desired alcohol volume.

Other alcoholic beverages such as wine, beer, mead or cider are not included under spirits, as this type of alcohol has only undergone a fermentation process – they have thus not been distilled. In addition, the mentioned drinks typically have an alcohol percentage of not much more than 15% at the most, and therefore the alcohol percentage is also significantly higher in regular spirits.


We humans have been drinking alcohol since before our time. But the spirit only really got its breakthrough in the Middle Ages, when it was discovered that water evaporates more slowly than alcohol - and vice versa - when heated. Thus it was found that the volume of alcohol could be increased when the liquid was heated. In many different parts of the world, they began to experiment with different ingredients in the form of fruits, grains, vegetables or other organic materials that could undergo a fermentation process.

Therefore, countries and parts of the world are typically associated with certain types of spirits. Rome, for example, became created in Central America and the Caribbean, when waste materials from the sugarcane began to be used to produce this type of spirit. Tequila originates from Mexico, where it was discovered that you could use the juice from the agave plant, which is a type of cactus, for alcohol production. Whiskey originates from Scotland and Ireland, and is brewed from both malt and barley, while corn can also be used, etc.


At PremiumBottles, we have collected all the best spirits you know at reasonable prices. We have both spirits for the festive occasions where the atmosphere is high, just as we have spirits for the quieter evenings, when you want to enjoy something delicious to drink at your leisure. It can be anything from the aquavit for the Christmas lunch, the rum for the cozy gentlemen's evening or perhaps a good gin and accompanying tonic for the Friday bar. In any case, the selection is large, and you can therefore definitely find a spirit that suits your taste. We sell both the well-known brands as well as the lesser-known but exclusive brands - and everything in between - on this site.

Are you missing bar equipment for the home or the party, you can also explore here on our webshop, where we have collected a lot of bar equipment from some of the world's leading manufacturers. That way, you can more easily make a proper cocktail with spirits of the highest quality.


We constantly change our inventory so that we are constantly updated with new and exciting products. We have, among other things, a close and good collaboration with players from the Danish spirits industry, so you will experience that product news becomes available here on the webshop before many other places.

And if you can't find your favorite spirit on this site, we often have the option of ordering it home.

We take pride in being able to ensure our customers a good service. Therefore, our customer service e.g. open from 10:00-21:00 every day of the year. Get in touch on phone number: 217 217 03 or send an email to: .

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