When talking about spirits, you can't avoid whiskey. Whiskey, which is also called whiskey in the US and Ireland, is a valued and strong spirit with a distinctive taste that is loved around the world. Many consider whiskey to be a slightly masculine spirit, which is partly due to its high alcohol percentage, which is generally a bit higher than many other spirits, but also to the fact that whiskey has been predominantly drunk by men throughout history.

Scotch whisky, which is spelled without the "e", is considered to be the best among whiskey enthusiasts - and Scotland is also the hotbed of this popular spirit. Here at PremiumBottles, you will first and foremost find a lot of Scotch whiskey of the highest quality from well-known brands such as Mcallan and Glengoyn. These are recognized, traditional brands, where each individual whiskey is unique in taste and characteristics, just as they are rich in a lot of history. If you can't find your favorite whiskey in our range, we often have the option of ordering it home. Therefore, please contact us if you wish or for other questions.


As already mentioned, whiskey originates from Scotland, and Scotch whiskey then also traces back to the Middle Ages; like so many other spirits. It is believed that missionary monks brought the distillation method to Scotland, but this is not something that can be documented. The earliest record of whiskey dates back to 1494, and for the first several hundred years single malt whiskey was almost exclusively produced. It was then also only in the middle of the 19th century that the brothers Andrew and John Usher experimented with mixing malt and grain whisky, which is why the creation of blended Scotch whiskey was a reality. Before then, whiskey was also produced in Ireland – and later also in the USA in connection with the many Irish who emigrated to the USA. Whiskey is now enjoyed all over the world and, like so many other spirits, it can be drunk in many different ways.


As already mentioned, there are different types of whisky, each of which has its own unique character and taste. However, it is very different from whiskey to whiskey, how regulated the individual types are. Bourbon whiskey must, for example, meet some very special criteria before it can be called bourbon. In contrast, the requirements are not so restrictive for most blended whiskies, which, more often than not, can be produced anywhere without regard to the choice of ingredients and production methods. Whether it is bourbon, grain whisky, blended malt whiskey or single malt whisky, each individual whiskey has its very own taste and viscosity. The main ingredients vary between barley, wheat, corn, etc.


At Premiumbottles you can explore our exciting selection. Take e.g. our Macallan 18 years Double Cask , which is a unique and well-balanced single malt whiskey aged in two different oak casks for 18 years. The result is a whiskey with a completely unique, characteristic taste, which also has small notes of vanilla. A safe choice that also comes in a beautiful gift box.

Or how about ours 30 year old Highland single malt whiskey from Glengoyne . This is an exclusive whiskey where you have the opportunity to taste one that has aged for a full 30 years. The very special thing about this whisky, apart from its eminent taste, is that the casks are only touched two to three times in 30 years. The development is continuously checked, and only the best casks are considered for this whisky. You can also try your hand at ours Single Malt whiskey from Isfjord , where, among other things, Greenland ice is used, which is somewhat purer.

We take great pride in being able to offer our customers a good service. That is why our customer service is open from 10:00-21:00 every day of the year. Get in touch on phone number: 217 217 03 or send an email to: kontakt@premiumbottles.dk .

August 03, 2022 — Rasmus Hilstrøm Bach-Lauritsen