In the spirits world, vodka must be said to be a true classic. The vodka is a clear, neutral spirit which – in its pure form – has almost no aftertaste. In contrast to e.g. whiskey and rum, then vodka does not have to be stored for several years to achieve a particular viscosity or taste, and therefore the manufacturing process is also significantly shorter as far as this famous spirit is concerned. The versatile vodka has therefore also been a popular figure and drink for many years, where it has achieved cult status in Eastern Europe and Russia in particular, just as it has been the leading source of high alcohol levels for generations. And in many Eastern European families there is even a tradition of making your own home-brewed spirit in the form of vodka.

Here at PremiumBottles, we do not offer home-brewed vodka, but vodka of the highest quality from some of the world's largest and most recognized brands. With a varied selection, you can certainly find a vodka that suits your taste. You will find i.a. Belvedere vodka, Crystal Head vodka, Beluga vodka, Gray Goose vodka, Ciroc vodka and vodka from other exciting brands. If you can't find your favorite vodka on this site, we often have the option of ordering it home. So please contact us if you need it or have any questions.


The word vodka is a derivation of the Russian word for water: Water . But although many suggest that the country of origin of vodka is Russia, others claim that the first drops of vodka were created in what was then Poland in the 8th or 9th century. Regardless of what you choose to believe, this Eastern European spirit was at least represented from the 15th century in both Russia, Poland, the Baltics and the Balkans. In the mentioned Eastern European countries and areas, it has also been customary to drink the vodka in small, schnapps-like glasses accompanied by small, delicious dishes.

But for many hundreds of years, the traditional vodka was mostly something that was reserved for the Eastern European countries, but after the Second World War, the Americans and the rest of Europe really opened their eyes to the vodka's special taste. And it was only then that they started using the vodka for cocktails.


Many are of the opinion that vodka is made from potatoes, which as such is not wrong either. But a lot of vodka today is made from grains such as wheat or rye - but in principle you can use a lot of different raw materials to make vodka. It is e.g. it is also popular to use grapes for the production of vodkas, which is also the common denominator for many of the vodkas you will find on this page.


The very special thing about vodka as a spirit is its neutral nature, which is why the clear, neutral vodka does not "colour" the taste in a drink, as many other spirits do. You can, of course, choose to drink the vodka neat, which you e.g. can do with ours Belvedere Pure vodka . This vodka is in a class of its own with its sophisticated aroma of vanilla, almond and white pepper - and you'll even find it in this 6 liter bottle with an LED light at the bottom.

When it comes to drinks with vodka, the possibilities are limited only by your imagination. For many different classic cocktails, vodka is a central ingredient. Not least in drinks such as bloody mary, cosmopolitan, sex on the beach, Moscow mule, white russian etc. Try e.g. one of our Ciroc vodkas like ours Ciroc Apple , which is particularly suitable for cocktails. Or how about one of our Crystal Head vodkas? It could, among other things, be ours Limited Edition Aurora from Crystal Head. As the name suggests, this vodka is inspired by the northern lights - and it is also excellent for various cocktails. This vodka is filtered a total of seven times, so the end result is a rich and sweet vodka.

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August 03, 2022 — Rasmus Hilstrøm Bach-Lauritsen