This rare release takes Dom Pérignon's already excellent 2002 vintage to the next level. Filled with a new energy and intensity - the champagne has reached its next stage - the place where it develops into a new expression.
Many consider 2002 to be the best year for champagne in the last 30 years. And after 15 years on the lees, this P2 has had an even greater lifespan. So although its exotic aromas and sublime salinity are exquisite today, it is also ideal for cellar storage (+2038)

What does P2 stand for?
The Plénitude (originally Oenothèque) concept has been in development for many years at Dom Pérignon. After studying the natural aging process, it was found that vintage champagne develops and matures through three defined phases in its life.

The first release (P1) comes approx. 8 years after harvest and is in the style most consumers are familiar with. The second phase (P2) takes approx. 15 years, here the cuvée develops a big leap in quality level???????. Finally, the third plenitude (P3) will see the champagne age for another 20-30 years until it reaches its ultimate peak.

Weather: 2002
Ideally spring without any significant frost and as perfect flowering as possible. Then followed a summer characterized by long, sunny periods interspersed with regular cloudiness and rain. The vines were in good health and fine liquid balance in the grapes helped them reach new heights of ripeness. The 2002 vintage was first released as P1 back in 2011. The second release, Plénitude 2, was launched in 2019 after another eight years of aging.

Technical info:
100% Grand & Premier Cru
51% Chardonnay, 49% Pinot Noir
15 years aging on lees
Decorated: 2018
Dosage: 4 g/l
Alcohol: 12.5%
Drinking fashion now and until 2038