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Dom Pérignon

Dom Pérignon is dedicated to exclusively creating vintage champagne. Each bottle of Dom Pérignon contains only the best grapes, and the intensity of the champagne is based on precision. Each vintage champagne has three Plénitudes, and is the result of outgoing cellar master Richard Geoffroy's focus on creating the most exquisite champagnes. This also means that Dom Pérignon is only produced in years when the grapes are ideal.


Vintage champagne is synonymous with Dom Pérignon. The champagne is produced exclusively from the harvest from a single year and only in those years when the harvest has had the best conditions. Dom Pérignon therefore only releases a vintage if the maturation of the champagne allows it. The champagne house has existed since 1921, and belongs to the company Moët Hennessy.


The story behind Dom Pérignon traces its roots back to Renaissance France. From 1638 to 1715, the Benedictine monk, Dom Pérignon, lived in the Champagne region, where he spent most of his time at the Abbaye Saint-Pierre monastery. The monastery was – and still is to this day – in scenic surroundings surrounded by the most beautiful hilly landscape in northern France. The area's cool climate was perfect for growing vines, which is why the Champagne region is still world famous and loved for its champagnes.

Dom Pérignon dedicated a large part of his life to experimenting with fermentation processes of white wine grapes - and it was in one of his many experiments that the idea for the secondary fermentation of white wine arose. Therefore, there is also a consensus among many champagne experts that Dom Pérignon was responsible for the discovery of champagne.

Dom Pérignon developed some very special techniques which prevented the skin from the grapes from mixing with the juice from the grapes. In this way, the champagne could, among other things, get its characteristic, bright champagne colour. According to anecdotes, Dom Pérignon created his first sparkling champagne by mistake when he set aside a bottle that was not fully fermented. After some time he could not understand that the bottle had not burst as a result of the pressure of the fermentation process. When he subsequently tasted the bottle, he shouted: "Come quickly - I'm tasting the stars." That exact phrase has been associated with champagne ever since.


As I said, Dom Pérignon only creates vintage champagnes from the years in which the harvest has been the best. Dom Pérignon is stored for a minimum of 7-8 years, during which they achieve their special complexity in taste. But they can also be stored for several years, which is why we talk about three stages for Dom Pérignon champagnes: P1, P2 and P3. P1, which is the first stage, has a lot of springiness and notes of fresh fruit in it. Dom Pérignon achieves this grade after 7-8 years of aging. In the second stage – P2 – the champagne naturally gains more intensity and maturity, as it is stored for 12-15 years from the harvest. P3 is the last and third stage. Here, the champagne achieves its unique maturity after 30 years.


At PremiumBottles you will find an extremely exciting selection of Dom Pérignon champagnes. Dom Pérignon Vintage 2013 is an excellent vintage. This Dom Perignon is perfectly balanced with tart and sweet nuances of tropical fruits.

Dom Perignon is generally best enjoyed in a white wine glass, so that all aroma and flavor nuances can really unfold - and with a serving temperature of 8-12 degrees ° C for the perfect taste experience. If you have any questions about our Dom Pérignon champagnes, you are always welcome to contact us on tel: 217 217 03 or send us an email at:

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