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CÎROC is known for their many flavors, where natural flavor extracts are mixed with their signature vodka. It is actually not uncommon for a vodka to be distilled several times - because the more times it is distilled, the purer and better the content becomes accordingly. But it is still exceptional that a vodka is distilled as many as five times.

If you can't find your favorite CÎROC Vodka in our range, we often have the option of ordering it home. You are therefore welcome to contact us - but also for other questions.


CÎROC Vodka was created in 2003 by Frenchman Jean-Sebastian Robicquet, whose family has been winegrowers in the French region of Cognac for generations. Therefore, it was natural for him to experiment with grapes and distillation - the end product thus became CÎROC Vodka's unique spirit. The distillery behind the vodka is located in the French town of Villevert, which is also in the region. Jean-Sebastian Robicquet has, among other things, received several accolades for his hard work in producing the highest quality vodka, which has also made him a respected figure in the vodka industry.

Compared to many other spirits, CÎROC Vodka is a relatively new player on the market, yet in just a few decades they have cemented their position as one of the world's leading producers of premium vodka. It is therefore a contemporary and modern vodka that stands out and impresses with its many different flavors that satisfy even the most demanding vodka enthusiasts. Here at PremiumBottles, we offer different varieties of CÎROC Vodka - including in their characteristic bottles with LED lights.


Unlike most vodkas, which are made from grain, CÎROC Vodka excels in that theirs is made from fine, French grapes harvested in the south of France. The grapes are – somewhat unconventionally – only harvested when the temperature drops below freezing, which typically only happens at the end of the year at these southern latitudes. The late harvest is i.a. also help to give CÎROC Vodka their characteristic, fresh and citrus-filled taste. In addition, CÎROC Vodka can be enjoyed by gluten-allergic people, as the spirit, as I said, is not based on grains.

Only the finest and best grapes are initially harvested and then turned into wine. The wine is then distilled four times in column stills, while the fifth and final distillation takes place at the historic distillery: De Chevanceaux. The end result is a unique vodka.


If you like CÎROC Vodka, then we have good news: we offer a wide selection of these popular bottles here at PremiumBottles. You will of course find CÎROC Vodka in the classic 70 cl bottles with LED lights - but if you want more vodka, they are also available in 1.75, 3 and 6 liter bottles on this page. Take e.g. our CÎROC Vodka 3 liters 40% with LED light , where you really get a lot of quality vodka for the money - and in the large bottle it is also really pleasing to the eyes to have standing in the bar cupboard or similar.

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