You've probably seen big stars like Drake and DJ Khaled posting videos showcasing the exclusive vodka Cîroc and perhaps wondered what their pairing is? Who actually owns the company and what makes the vodka more special than the others on the market.
Cîroc was founded back in 2003 by Jean-Sebastien Robicquet, who has a diploma in oenology and a master's degree in Law, Economics and Management in the wine industry. If you go through Jean-Sebastien's family tree, you will see generations of wine producers and distillers, the last 500 years. It can therefore safely be said that this is a man who, on paper, is the right one for the job.
Cîroc has an extremely unique and different approach to the production of vodka. Their vodka is produced from the finest French grapes, where it is typically produced from grain or potatoes. This means that all vodkas from Cîroc are gluten-free, which vodkas produced in the traditional way from grain or potatoes are not.
It is not wrong if you associate Cîroc with DJ Khaled, Drake or French Montana, because they are of great importance to the company. The company has Sean Combs, who is the American rapper who is probably better known as Puff Daddy, P. Diddy or his current name Diddy, to stand for their lifestyle branding and general PR.
For example, DJ Khaled has helped develop the taste for Cîroc Watermelon. If you have been following the well-known producer's social media, you have probably seen a post or two of the exquisite vodkas.
The rapper Drake only drinks Cîroc before a concert if he needs vodka, and is therefore also very important to the company's branding. The rapper French Montana has helped determine the name for one of the variants, namely Cîroc French Vanilla.
So it is not uncommon if you see something with Cîroc when it is one of the three artists. It also proves that it is a vodka of the highest caliber, which has also won several awards.
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October 15, 2021 — Jonas Glarborg