It has been long overdue for Deadhead to deliver their two bottles, Monkey Head and Tiki. When it finally happened, they surprised with another variant, namely their 10th anniversary Rome. A special occasion calls for a special bottle.
When Deadhead was founded back in 2011, they set aside a special and unique single blend of rum. This blend was to be used for a special occasion, and what better occasion than their 10 year anniversary. The rum's bouquet offers stone fruits and maple syrup. In the taste you will find notes of toasted pecan and oats, which contribute to a deep complexity. You will also be able to find something made of oak and leather.
Deadhead is characterized by their extremely unique bottles, which the anniversary bottle must of course also be. The bottle is made of glass, with an amber-like color, which really has lots of life, with its engraved patterns and characters. Beautiful bottle that will stand out from the crowd to that extent.
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