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Old English Gin 44% 70 cl.

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Old English Gin - gin like in the old days

Old English Gin is made from an old and classic recipe from 1783, which contains 11 botanical spices. It is distilled in Angela at Langley Distillery, which is the oldest pot still in England. After distillation, the cardamom distillate and 4 grams of sugar are mixed, after which it is sent to Vintre Møller in Denmark, where the water is added and the gin is ready for bottling in specially selected French champagne bottles and sealed with a cork and organic wax. Exactly as in 1783.


The story

Not so long ago, a chemist and his gin enthusiast son decided they wanted to make the best gin ever. The goal was to create a gin that was dry and at the same time aromatic so that it would work both with mixers such as tonic and vermouth, but also with fresher mixers such as juices, berries and other fruits. Geranium Gin was born and subsequently their Old English Gin was added.


The ingredients

Geranium Gin comes from a horticulture at Hedehusene in Northeast Zealand, but the actual production of Geranium Gin takes place in Birmingham in England at the Langley Distillery. The maceration or soaking of the various ingredients extends over approx. 50 hours in pure alcohol made from wheat, after which the liquid is distilled and bottled in the characteristic square bottle.

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