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Heritage 176 40% 70 cl.

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Until the 19th century, Polish vodka producers relied on an ancient technique called 'malting'. Here ovens were used to release enzymes from the rye's starch in order to produce alcohol - a tradition which naturally also revealed rich and characteristic flavours. Unfortunately, as the vodka category and technology developed, these traditions disappeared and were forgotten, and vodka has since become associated with a more neutral flavor profile. Belvedere experimented with the essence of the vodka production of the time and created Heritage 176, which consists of 2% malt spirit and 98% vodka. The rye is roasted at 176 degrees. More depth and complexity than any other Belvedere.

Smell and taste: Belvedere challenges this perception of vodka as a neutral and tasteless liquid and believes that rye, the essence of Belvedere, contributes both character and taste. To emphasize the rye's fantastic qualities, Belvedere has revived the traditional malting technique, which releases depth, flavor and complexity that would otherwise be hidden in the rye. This depth and complexity reveals flavors of honey, walnut and allspice.

The result: Heritage 176 is the result of many months of work and endless attempts to hit just the right blend. Malted spirit is a strong product and must therefore be used with great caution. In the end, however, they hit on the perfect blend: 2% malt spirit and 98% vodka. Heritage 176 can be enjoyed over ice with a twist or in a multitude of delicious cocktails.

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