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Sangre de Vida Tequila & Mezcal

Sangre de Vida Tequila & Mezcal - PremiumBottles

We have just added Sangre de Vida's popular Tequila and Mezcal to the range.

For Sangre de Vida Tequila and Mezcal, each bottle is a small work of art, with each bottle hand-painted with motifs drawn from the rich history and culture of Mexico. Their Tequila is produced according to 500-year-old traditional regulations.

In their Mezcal (the green bottle) they use both fermented agave juice and the agave pulp (heart) in the distillation. This creates a richer and more complex Mezcal. It is distilled three times in old traditional potstills made of clay. This is a very slow and labor intensive process, but adds an extra flavor graduation to the distillate.

This Mezcal is aged in white American oak barrels. It gives the special complex notes that characterize Mezcal. After 60 days of cask aging, the Master Distiller completes his craft and Sangre de Vida Mezcal is ready for bottling in the characteristic green skull bottles. Buy Mezcal here

Sangre de Vida ultra premium Tequila (White, red and black bottle) makes use of the 500 year old traditional processes for Tequila production. Sangre de Vida uses the blue traditional agave plants of the highest quality. After harvesting, the agave hearts are slowly roasted in ovens for 38 hours to extract the sweet nectar. The fermentation process is 100% natural, followed by triple distillation.

Sangre de Vida Blanco (the white bottle) is their signature Tequila, where notes from the agave fruit are in focus. Buy it here
Aroma: fruity (banana, bright citrus, green pepper), agave and pure white flowers (orange / lemon flowers) and white pepper.
Taste: A light, sweet agave brings aromas across the palate with small minerals.
Aftertaste: Fruit, flowers and spice in a soft finish.
Sangre de Vida Reposado (the red bottle) Their signature Tequila is further aged in white French oak casks from Limosin for 90 days. After this, you can call the Tequila a Reposado Tequila. Buy it here
Aroma: Fruity, sweet mild agave and caramel.
Taste: Pleasantly sweet agave, citrus, pepper and oak.
Body: Warm, medium weight that seems much lighter than it is due to the alcohol strength.
Aftertaste: Lasts forever and this is where most flavors reveal the true depth of this SDV Reposado with a hint of pure heat.
Sangre de Vida Añejo (the black bottle) Their signature Tequila is further aged in white French oak casks from Limosin for one year. After this, you can call the Tequila an Añejo Tequila. Buy it here
Aroma : Agave, oak barrel, caramelized honey, mahogany, vanilla and flowers. All these notes are well tied together by notes of blue agave.

Taste: Variations of the above aromas with elegant surprises. Elegant and adds a touch of coffee & chocolate (just a touch).
Body: A rich body full of flavor. The oak compliments the taste perfectly.
Aftertaste: Elegant and smooth with a rich long finish of the above flavors/scents.

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