Bottle Art by Lindhage

Mickey and Ann-Sofie are the founders of Art by Lindhage and are a couple in their late twenties. They always have projects going and do a lot of DIY, Ann-Sofie gets a lot of ideas, is very visual and follows the various trends and Mickey is strong in his craft. They enjoy drinking Champagne together and the idea of ​​Bottle Art is to use the bottles, which are all filled with memories.

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Welcome to Bottle Art - a world of creativity and unique bottle designs. Bottle Art is an art form that fuses elegance, aesthetics and craftsmanship to create unique works of art that celebrate the beauty of the bottle.

Our Bottle Art collection, available at, is the result of Mickey and Ann-Sofie's passion for transforming bottles into beautiful works of art. Each bottle is carefully selected and carefully decorated with hand-painted illustrations, enchanting patterns or inspirational quotes that create a visually spectacular expression.

We believe that a bottle can be more than just a container. It can be a piece of art that adds beauty and personality to any room or event. Our Bottle Art is designed to grab attention and create conversation pieces, whether as a unique gift idea, a decorative element in your home or a spectacular detail on a special occasion.

We strive to deliver high quality artwork that is not only visually impressive but also preserves the functionality and quality of the bottle. Each bottle is carefully handled to ensure it remains intact and perfectly presented.

Explore our wide selection of Bottle Art designs at and find the perfect piece of art to suit your style and taste. Choose from different themes, colors and styles to find a bottle to suit any occasion or decor style.

Bottle Art is not only a work of art, but also an experience. It is a way of expressing your individuality, your love of art and your sense of aesthetics. Give a Bottle Art as a unique gift to someone special, or add a touch of exclusivity and sophistication to your own home.

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