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Bubbles & Drinks → How to treat yourself from home

Bobler & Drinks → Sådan forkæler du dig selv hjemmefra - PremiumBottles

All Danes are currently affected to one extent or another by the corona crisis. Many have been sent home from their jobs, the children are not at school and there is great uncertainty.

Therefore, in our opinion, it is important to get joy and laughter back. And here at PremiumBottles, we have three good tips for that :

Tip #1 - Enjoy the sun with a drink

Spring has announced its arrival with high sun and great temperatures, and it must be celebrated.

Hurry up and find a sunny spot in the garden, on the terrace or balcony and enjoy the sun.

Here are our 3 best suggestions for good spring drinks :

Dark & ​​Stormy

Grab a good, dark rum , lime, ginger beer and ice cubes and mix this wonderful spring drink. We guarantee that the mood will be lifted immediately when the first sip is inside.


If you have a sweeter tooth, a mojito is an absolute classic when the sun is high. Here, it's light rum, cane sugar, mint, lime and ice cream that you need to grab.

Gin & Tonic

Simple and elegant. Light and delicious. This is an immortal classic, nothing less. If you like slightly bitter drinks, with a sharp taste, a classic G&T is the right choice. Get a good gin , a good tonic, lime and ice and you're ready.

Tip #2 - Champagne is the finishing touch

Ahh..there is just something very special about a bottle of champagne . With a glass of bubbles, you can add some color to your everyday life and for a while put the corona crisis at a distance.

It may be that you have a birthday in these days and have to cancel the party. Instead, share a bottle of champagne with your wife or partner and celebrate the big day with family and friends on Facetime.

It could also be that you just need to treat yourself and your family to some extra good food? Here, champagne is also a perfect choice, which goes well with many dishes.

Special food from the sea - for example fish, oysters or caviar - are rock-solid choices together with champagne.

A good aquavit for the virtual Easter lunch

It is not long until Easter and the Easter lunches, which are a big tradition in many Danish families.

This year, most families will have to change the tradition and hold a virtual Easter lunch.

On the food front, however, there is no reason to change the traditions, and every Easter lunch calls for a good aquavit . Regardless of whether you like a traditional aquavit, cumin or dill, PremiumBottles has an aquavit that will create lots of fun at the virtual table.

Get control of your bar equipment

If you, like so many others, have had a little extra free time, it can e.g. Used to learn new tricks? So hurry in and examine our professional bar equipment . With the right equipment, you can make slightly tastier drinks and cocktails and at the same time impress your guests when we have guests over again.

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