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Dom Pérignon Vintage 2012 + 2013 75 cl. without giftbox

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This product contains:
1 x Dom Pérignon Vintage 2012 75 cl.
1 x Dom Pérignon Vintage 2013 75 cl.

In a year marked by alternating extremes, Dom Pérignon Vintage 2013 reconnects with a glorious legacy of late harvest vintages. This exception – coming in the middle of two decades of early harvests, interrupted only by the 2004 vintage – spotlights one of the fundamental aspects of the creative act at Dom Pérignon, namely taking the maturation time into account in the quest for harmony.

The vision of the Chef de Cave and his expert skill in integrating the specific elements of each year, led him to imagine and anticipate the effects the work of time would have. And now, after some ten years of maturation on the lees, the experience of Dom Pérignon Vintage 2013 reveals the limpid and evident lines of a harmony sculpted by time: the elegance of clarity.

Dom Pérignon’s creative ambition is a perpetual quest for captivating harmony, a quest pursued with aesthetic and sensory values: precision, intensity, tactile sensation, minerality, complexity, completeness and a distinctive way of sustaining notes.

Every creative process faces constraints. For Dom Pérignon this means always a vintage wine. An unyielding commitment to bear witness to the harvest of a single year, whatever the challenges, even going as far as not declaring a vintage.

Time is part of the Dom Pérignon equation. The time for active maturation on the lees in the darkness of the cellars, allowing each vintage to reveal itself. For Dom Pérignon Vintage 2013, this slow metamorphosis required nearly ten years.

At the outset of 2013, the vineyards were subjected to a cold, wet winter, followed by an especially rainy spring. The vines were two weeks behind right from the beginning of the plant life cycle, and never made up this delay. The buds appeared late and the vines did not bloom until the end of July, interfering with the formation of grape clusters.

These long months marked by an excess of water were followed by one of the hottest and driest summers in the last two decades, once again impeding the metabolism of the vines. Then September brought more heavy rainfall, followed by easterly winds that miraculously kept the grapes healthy until they were picked. The harvest began on September 28 and lasted until October 15. Tasting the grapes revealed a promising balance between a good full-bodied taste thanks to the summery weather, and an acidity typical of late harvest vintages.

The creation of the 2013 vintage reveals the resonance between the pinots noirs and chardonnays, between acidity and full- bodied. The precise, elegant and tactile bouquet blooms in an extremely delicate powdery aromatic braid around three nuances: first citrus, then a more vegetal facet and lastly, spices.

This precision reveals a simple and evident elegance where the wine, after an ethereal attack, amplifies and blossoms before ceding to an ineffable sensation of clarity.

The delicate nose unfolds in swaths of color. The green of eucalyptus, mint and vetiver, the yellow-orange of mirabelle plums, apricot and orange blossom, the brown of pepper, cardamom and licorice sticks, and finally silvery saline and toasty hues.

The mouthfeel is elegant, expressing luxuriant simplicity and precision. The attack is enveloping and ethereal. The refined and silky foundation becomes more pronounced at the heart. The finish is dominated by a salinity that leaves a deep sensation of consistency.

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