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A Tequila produced like in the old days
Sangre de Vida ultra premium Tequila makes use of the 500 year old traditional processes for Tequila production. Sangre de Vida uses the blue traditional agave plants of the highest quality. After harvesting, the agave hearts are slowly roasted in ovens for 38 hours to extract the sweet nectar. The fermentation process is 100% natural, followed by triple distillation. Afterwards, the Tequila comes in white French oak casks from Limosin. After 90 days of storage, the Tequila is bottled and can now be called a Reposado Tequila.

Aroma: Fruity, sweet mild agave and caramel. Taste: Pleasantly sweet agave, citrus, pepper and oak.

Body: Warm, medium weight. Aftertaste: Very long and here this SDV reveals the true depth of Reposado with a touch of pure warmth.

Hand Painted Bottles: All bottles are hand painted and this red bottle is inspired by the Day of the Dead celebrations that take place on the shores of Lake Titicaca in Peru in honor of Satan. This region of Peru is mostly a mining area and workers spend a lot of time underground. According to ancient Inca beliefs, Satan lives underground and makes miners very vulnerable to demonic forces due to their daily proximity. In honor of “El Diablo”, traditional dances are performed (complete with dangling red crucifixes) and tequila is poured on the ground for El Diablo to join in the festivities.

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