Kristal Caviar X Rare Vintage 2013 75 cl.

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We have combined the creamy, complex and intense Kristal , which also offers a long aftertaste of umami, nut and butter notes, with Rare Vintage 2013, which offers a lively, indulgent and dynamic experience. The taste is dominated by meringue, whipped cream, marzipan, kumquat, blood orange and kiwi which provide refreshing notes. On the finish, the beautiful and fine bubbles appear as an aromatic and smoky experience characterized by freshness and a subtle bitterness. A rich and long-lasting aftertaste.

Kristal Caviar is Kaviari's signature caviar and definitely here you get the most complex and intense taste experience. The caviar is characterized by having robust grains with a beautiful color. The taste experience is intense and deep, where the umami overwhelms your taste buds. Kristal is creamy, with notes of nuts, butter and spices.

The set includes
1 x Kaviari Kristal Caviar (select size at purchase button)
1 x Rare Vintage 2013, 75 cl. without gift box

Caviar FAQs

What is the delivery time on Caviar

We ship Caviar Monday-Thursday.

Order no later than Thursday at 10:00 for Friday delivery.

Or pick up in our store Monday-Saturday. See more store info here

What is the shelf life?

See the title of the product

How is Caviar stored?

When you receive your caviar from us, you must immediately take it out of the flamingo box and place it in the back of the fridge. At the back of the fridge there is 0-4C, which is the temperature at which caviar should be stored.

If you store the can at the back of the fridge, it can last until the minimum best-before date, which you will find under the can. However, this is provided that you do NOT open the can.

How is Caviar tasted correctly?

1. The can of Caviar is taken out of the fridge and placed on the table (without ice or cooling underneath).

2. The spoon, which is made of mother-of-pearl or wood, is taken out and now the tasting can begin.

3. When the can has been opened, we recommend mixing the Caviar carefully in the can, this is done by sticking the spoon vertically down the edges and carefully lifting up and over the middle. In this way, you get to mix it well and carefully around, which means that the salt and oil are distributed evenly in the can instead of being extra present along the edges of the can.

4. To avoid damaging the Caviar, stick the spoon vertically into the tin and place the Caviar pearls on the back of your hand, where you can see the colors and clarity of the pearls before you let the pearls burst against the palate.

Cooling of the Caviar is not used during the tasting, as we want to experience the Caviar taste and texture becoming stronger and creamier as it gains temperature and oxygen.

Which Champagne goes with it?

We have built in a filter that allows you to be shown using the following links:

Champagne for Oscietre Prestige

Champagne for Crystal

Champagne for Daurikus

Ripe Caviar

Kavari Paris matures their Caviar for approx. three months, which gives great flavor and a delicate creamy texture.

Watch the video below and learn more about this process.


Caviar Caviar

Located in the heart of Paris, you will find Kaviari. Kaviari is one of the most prestigious and traditional names within Caviar. More than 40 years of experience, expertise and know-how. Caviar is served at most of the three-star Michelin restaurants in France.