Caviar must always be kept chilled at a maximum of 4 degrees and a minimum of 0 degrees. When we send Caviar from our warehouse with a selected courier, it is done in a thermal box, which contains cooling bags that can keep the box cold for up to 72 hours.


As soon as the package is delivered, it must be unpacked and the Caviar refrigerated. We cannot guarantee the freshness/cooling of Caviar in our thermos if it is stored in the thermos without additional refrigeration for longer than 72 hours.

We disclaim responsibility

For the contents of the thermal box, if it is not collected on the same day as it is delivered to the parcel shop/box - this can be followed via our track & trace system.

In the event of a delay (several days), you will of course not be liable for any damage from excessive temperature of goods (Caviar).


If you have extra time to order Caviar, please let us know ( contact us here ) and we will make sure that the shelf life is correct when your order is dispatched from us.

July 01, 2022 — Rasmus Hilstrøm Bach-Lauritsen