To call Kristal from Kaviari the crowning glory is not entirely beside the point. Most people know that Beluga is the flagship in caviar, but the price also reflects the high quality. If you weigh up the price with what you get, Kristal is really a good bet. This variant also makes it possible to enjoy caviar more often than if you buy Beluga. The Caviar variant Kristal is Kaviari's signature caviar and is the only one that uses this name for Caviar. This is therefore a caviar that cannot be found at various fishmongers.
The taste of crystal caviar is hard to forget. The whole taste experience of the robust eggs with a beautiful and unique colour. The consistency is creamy and soft. At the first bite, you immediately experience the big explosion of umami. This is all due to the 3-month aging process, during which all the flavor notes really come to the fore.
Caviar Crystal
30 grams DKK 550.
You can see more about Kaviaris Kristal Caviar here
June 20, 2022 — Rasmus Hilstrøm Bach-Lauritsen